1. Personalization: Send messages addressing recipients by name adding other personalized information
  2. Customized Sender ID: Recipients see your brand name as the sender
  3. Scheduling and Birthday: Schedule messages to be sent at a later date and time
  4. Real Time Analysis: See and Monitor messages you are sending and who you are communicating with
  5. Tagging: Tagging simplifies the task of sending multiple messages with the same format but with different information for several contacts.



Why SMS-01 (3)


Two-way messaging is ideal for any organization that is hoping to have customers send feedback or responses via SMS.

  1. Shortcode SMS A short code is a special telephone number of 4 – 8 digits that is used to send or receive SMS messages over some mobile networks. Nandimobile offers its services on short code messaging.
  2. Infoline Textlines : This allows businesses to maintain communication with their  clients and the public at all times via SMS but through a normal mobile phone number. Use the textline as an alternative for clients to communicate with your business.

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Sample industries that can use SMS

Hospital/Health Care/Medical Hotels/Resorts/Restaurant
Shopping Centres/Department Stores Airlines / Travel & Tour
Automobiles Banking/Credit Card/Finance/Insurance
Mobile App developers /E-Commerce Direct Selling/Network Marketing
Entertainment (Night Clubs, Cinemas) Logistic & Transportation /Event Management
Gym/Fitness Centres Higher Education/Colleges/University
NGO/Charity/Religious/Church Property/Real Estate


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