Keni presents an easy way of finding essential services around you.
The Keni App enables easy access to varieties of services like banks and ATM’s, fuel stations, health services, pharmacies, shops etc.
With our initial data you are able to search for the closest banks, branches ATM’s etc via your mobile device, you gain access to all the ways in which you can reach these service providers including phone numbers, directions to office sites via an accurate mapping system as well as any other available channels. You can also share results via whatsapp, facebook etc.

Now you can confirm the availability of bank or ATM service before you move to find it.
Keni makes it possible to be completely assured of the definition of services and assistance on products you are looking for.

With Keni, you save on time spent in looking for a product or service.
With Keni, you are certain of services available within every location you find yourself.
With Keni, life is made easier, No more guess work…

Keni for Playstore 2-05

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