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Spend less to get the message across. No hidden charges, no surprises, credit is added instantly, credit doesn’t expire unless account is inactive for over a year.

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Nearly everyone has a mobile phone. We sent over 2 trillion text messages in 2010. If you aren’t sending text messages to your customers, your competitors are doing just that.

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Add SMS messaging to your application. Create alerts and notifications, appointment reminders, and more. Read more about our SMS APIs here.

Reach relevant contacts.

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"Best 50GHC investment Ever" "All in all, an excellent service at a very affordable cost." "extremely efficient, simple to use and very cost effective" "Fast and easy system to use. Customer Service is second to none" "Helped me get my first clients!"

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"It just works - what more could you ask for?" "Reliable and dependable customer service..."

Our Clients Our Clients