Odadee 2001; networking with Infoline.

An Odadee is an alumnus of the Presbyterian Boys’ Senior High School now located in Legon, Accra. The school first started in Krobo-Odumase, where an Odadee(baobab tree) stood on the compound (It still stands to this day).

A number of Odadee 2001 came together a few years back, seeing the need for better and more targeted networking amongst the Odadee 2001 fraternity and support, in any little way we can, our alma mater. To a large extent, this vision is largely being achieved with the help of the Infoline SMS platform.

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O2 Consult Africa, Empowered to Communicate

O2 Consult Africa is an integrated career development center that specializes in the recruitment of personnel, business management and development and distance learning. O2 Consult Africa also offer corporate training and post graduate diploma courses.

Nandimobile's Infoline from Ghana wins UN-based World Summit Award

Nandimobile's Infoline from Accra - Ghana is recognised as one of the most innovative e-content products worldwide at the UN-based World Summit Award (WSA)

Stay healthy with Pippas SMS

Pippa’s health center is one of the premium health and fitness club located in Ghana. Pippa’s gym as it Is affectionately called has led the way in providing health and fitness services to the community since 1996. With two premium health clubs located in Accra Ringroad and east Legon, they offer training session for clients to keep fit and stay healthy.

When Stemtech encounters Infoline

Due to the rapid growth of their distributorship base, it became imperative for to them adapt an effective system of communication where all their segmented groups of distributors can be reached. In view of this, Stemtech Ghana joined our Infoline platform to enable the company reach its distributors via SMS.

Pocho ties the knot

The importance of having co-founders from diverse backgrounds cannot be overemphasized at this point. 300 corporate clients down the line, Michael is empowering his own connection.

Career Opportunity - Web and Mobile Developer

The Mobile/ Web Developer will be responsible for creating and managing application through the entire application cycle.

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My 3 days with Nandimobile - Emmanuel Djaba

When you decide to check your email on a Saturday evening, the last thing you expect to see is an email offering you free office space,internet and food for 3 days (in Ghana here o) . Yet that is exactly what I saw that night.